Remove background from photos, images and pictures fast and inexpensive job. We do photo background removal to images, pictures & photographs.Object Removing is a technique where you can remove undesirable elements in an image. It’s clearly says any removal of an object, element or people from an image what is either considered unwanted or surplus anyway.

Clipping Path Point (CPP) is a professional graphics design and image editing outsourcing company to provide the quality object removing service, removal or replacement of unwanted objects, persons or details in your photos. We have the best imagination that your image or photo may have contained with some unwanted objects that you want to eradicate.

Our professionals are well-conversant with the following tools and techniques of image background removal:

  1. Using Background Eraser Tool to remove photo background
  2. Using Channel Mask to remove background of an image
  3. Removing background with Magnetic Lasso Tool
  4. Removing background with Pen Tool
  5. Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths

Background removal service is one of the very useful services to the changing global trends. Our commitment to quality has enabled our international clients to have long standing relations with the company.

Background Removal - Before

Background Removal - After

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