Clipping Path Point (CPP) is one of the online assisted offshore graphics design firm provide service on - Clipping Path, image masking, as well as more Photoshop associated services all around the globe. We've a highly experienced specialized group and also have lots years of professional understanding into these areas and the number of the professionals are educated from the Graphic Art Institute, the most excellent institute on graphics design into Bangladesh which educates graphic design only. Our service cost lower than other countries. Taking that maximum advantage of low labor cost region, we are able to provide much lower prices than our competitors while still maintaining the top quality work and service.

When we started?
Clipping Path Point (CPP) emerged in 2007 as a creative agency (now one of the graphics design firm) capable of providing solutions to all needs in clipping path, image marketing, image retouching, image manipulation etc. A design organization with a successful track record and hundreds being satisfied customers have passed through its hands.
What is our base?
Clipping Path Point (CPP) most prominent feature is its great team, an extensive staff of real specialists in each field. Graduates in fine arts, journalism, public relations, etc. It works bear a common line of quality and creativity, often highlighting over any competitor. A really cool and cutting-edge line, where originality and visual impact precedence over everything.
How we work?
Our philosophy is clear: every project is unique, special and includes a new challenge. An innovative design company in constant training, held in direct contact with all the latest in the world of international advertising. If you so wish, In Clipping Path Point (CPP) we define ourselves as a team of professionals with different skills and experience. We are creative designers, quality control (QC) and customer support who enjoy our work, and this is reflected in good results obtained by our company.
What makes us different?
What makes it different compared to other companies in the sector is the creative freedom. In Clipping Path Point (CPP) grasp their ideas, goals and needs, we know our customers, we talk to them and the result is, for us, rather than a product. Always pursuing perfection, we face our projects with freshness, optimism and professionalism.
The Direct Treatment
Designers with our customers is essential to achieve the ideal design in each case. A good working relationship between both parties accelerates the design process and get a more precise understanding of the customer's style and your business.

Our daily work has a strong team and are organized through coordinated meetings between different departments to provide a comprehensive response adapted to all customer needs. In Clipping Path Point (CPP) we are constantly training to offer our customers latest trends of clipping path, image marketing, retouching, manipulation.
Our Quality
We always ensure quality in all processes. Clipping Path Point (CPP) develops communication strategies aimed at providing our customers the best Internet presence, covering all stages of the process, and ensuring the investments made.

We are the best group for our customers. With high quality and above all personal computers at work, we apply the best trends in computing, Internet and computing in the art and technique of design and advertising. Thus, we take your organization, company or institution to the optimum level of identification with their customers and market, through design and clip path services, online promotion, animated banners, keywording and captioning, advertising graphic design, promotional items, newsletters, brochures and everything associated with the design, promotion and advertising in various media and formats.

An attractive way to enhance its various products and services, Clipping Path Point (CPP) manages the design, development and launch of its website with all the tools you or your business need to apply, combined with the artistic choices in advertising and promotion traditionally known and other innovations.

Take advantage of Clipping Path Point (CPP), to increase the technological advantages, quality of design and illustration, multimedia web presentations appropriate to the age of information and reaching anywhere you want.