Our professional Clipping Path experts use the Photoshop pen tool, for drawing vector paths around your images. We segregate the wanted objects or subjects from the unwanted background. Further, we use the paths to make selections, or else the path is predictable if you try importing your images into a pagination application like QuarkXpress or Indesign. Stay in contact for high resolution, small defeat stitched images to acquire amazingly faultless fallout. The procedure of images stitching is an extensive tired procedure which engages a number of steps. These comprise standardization, registration and combining of photos to provide wonderful resolution productivity.

Clipping Path specialist is like a pioneer in image stitching art who helps you to make your photos more attractive and appealing by reducing brightness from the edge lines and the result is a much beautiful effect as compared to original photo. However, it solely depends on the image that how much image stitching it needs. The image stitching group exploits all their creativity to deliver you the best artistic results as while taking pictures you may have over looked the focal length of camera lens adjustment but clipping path specialist know everything that how to adjust an image while overlapping pixels for perfect orientation. You can trust on the clipping path experts and rest assures that you will get only quality work with the best possible output after image stitching..

Outsource Clipping Path With Photo Stitching & Reflection:

  1. Vector path using the Photoshop pen tool
  2. Creation of multiple paths for retouching and correcting the colors
  3. Perfect for product shots that are hard edged
  4. Options for transparent background, white or any color of your choice
  5. Providing personalized images as background
  6. Quick turnaround time
  7. E-commerce shop/sites
  8. Fix photo lightning/contrast issues
  9. Execute color correction, retouch, and editing
  10. Restoration and manipulation
  11. High-end photo retouching
  12. Irregularity of an image
  13. Alter photo contrast and brightness
  14. Execute color correction, retouch, and editing
  15. Restoration and manipulation
  16. Wedding Photo and Family portrait
  17. Reflections
  18. Drop shadows
  19. Spotting (blemish removal)
  20. Clipping Path, Photo Retouching
  21. Image Masking, Image Manipulation
  22. and so on.

We combine your images to your fulfillment through the constantly mysterious ideal placement. Clipping path can be created for any image using the Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, etc. These are popular software, of which Photoshop is the most widely used. With clipping path, you can create an outline around the object that is to be sequestered from the rest of the pixels or area.

Being one of the best portrait retouching and a professional photo retouching company, we ensure that our portraits capture the essence of the subject while significant consideration is given to background color and photo illumination.
Photo Stitching & Reflection - Before

Photo Stitching & Reflection - After

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