The need for photo masking service arises when the main subject in the photo frame is surrounded by a legion of unwanted objects. This calls for a professional approach to understand the complexities and method of applying this feature. Image Masking is one of our top notch services that are dissected into layer masking, alpha masking, transparent and translucent masking. Now give your image a perfect edge by Image masking service technique or transparent and translucent masking and more. Clippingpathpoint has a dedicated team that has adapted their skills to produce high quality results.

Usefulness of Layer Mask:

  1. Hide or Show special parts of the image
  2. Modify and fully restore the images in future
  3. Save your time to Mask an image
  4. Gives muchcleaner and well defined image

Soft Mask

Soft mask or Alpha Channel Masking is a Raster Masking primarily in Adobe Photoshop that requires Photoshop Masking techniques with CMYK, RGB, and various other custom channels. Channel masking is the best known way to accomplish clipping path/silhouette for sophisticated images.

Layer Masking

Layer mask is composed of black and white areas and this simply says whether parts (pixels) are visible or not. Any part of the mask what is white will reveal the layer and any part of the layer what is black will hide the layer. Layer Masking is also key solution for creating multi-layered montages and composite images. Photoshop Layer Mask becomes handy when clipping path alone is not appropriate on compound images such as hair, fur, semi transparent or translucent images.

Our Masking Service includes

  1. Flat rate pricing for any complexity
  2. Ideal for retaining fine details (eg. hair or fur)
  3. Preferred method for people or animal images
  4. Great for creating masks for colour correction or a retouch

Why your choose us for Image Masking

  1. Image Masking our special service
  2. We make this by aexperienced team
  3. All the designers are very experienced
  4. They make Image Masking professionally
  5. We also offer Layer Mask,Vector Mask and Alpha Channel Mask
  6. We offer economical price
  7. They make Image Masking professionally
  8. We provide our services in time limit
So don’t be late to contact us or request a quotation. We can make a replay of your massage within one hour.

Image Masking - Before

Image Masking - After

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